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I'm afraid to pull my face

I know, I know. Just take the plunge and you'll be astonished at the results. You gain so much by taking a bold approach. The first chapter of the Ageless book explains the incontrovertible logic of doing it this way, but you can start doing the programme without reading all the rationale first. I promise faithfully, you'll never regret it once you start.

I don't see how this programme does anything for under my eyes.

The area under the eye is trained intensively. The eye muscle is circular... it goes right round the eye, including beneath it. Although you're holding the flesh at the side of the eye during The Wish exercise the entire muscle is worked equally.Wish is a great exercise for under the eyes.

One reason why facial training hasn't been much used in the past is that the nature of the facial muscles has been misunderstood. Logically, we think that the undereye has its own muscle, but there is only one muscle for the entire area. It is much more effective to train this muscle intensely and briefly than to perform extra exercises.

I don't see how this programme will lift my lower face.

Loss of firmness in the lower face isn't caused by deterioration of lower face muscles, but by the upper face losing tone and sliding down so that the lower face looks sagging and fatty. 

Building the lower face muscles does nothing to lift the face, it merely bulks up the area around the jaw and lower face. It’s the upper face muscles that can reverse the effects of gravity. draw the sagging areas of the lower face upwards to reveal the jawline and lower face that have been obscured by the downward shift of flesh over time. There’s sufficient material in the 'occasional' section to keep the lower face firm.

Are you sure I should be doing as little exercise as this?

Oh yes. This is optimum, allows ample recovery time and the exercises are targeted and systematic. Your face will only come to life as fast as it can repair the muscles broken down by training, and since we're lifting, not building, it's pointless overdoing it and making your face look tired and listless all the time because it doesn't get enough rest.


Also, and I know it's exciting to set out in search of a new you, but it's crucial to remember this is already your face. We're not going to obliterate it and replace it with something people think is more desirable.  It doesn't have to reach a different level to be worthy of affection and respect. Treat it well and it will lift  and blossom almost overnight

These wrinkles will vanish, right?

Yes, very quickly. If you watch the video 'Why you don't understand wrinkles' you'll see that any wrinkling will rapidly disappear as the condition of the muscles improves. Wrinkles are not etched into the skin by repeated creasing, they're caused by misshapen muscles pulling the skin awry. Hence Botox (addressing the muscle) works far better than filler (plumping out the skin) on crows' feet or forehead lines. Well-conditioned muscles lie flat as readily as paralysed ones.

I'm looking a bit puffy

Same thing, it will not get worse and worse, it will go away if you rest the area. It will also go away if you don't rest the area, but will possibly take longer

My cheeks look hollow

Ah! Switch to the modified version of exercise 6, 'Crush'

Some of my skin isn't looking too firm right now.

The skin reacts very quickly to being overtrained by becoming less elastic and less healthy-looking. It can be quickly and easily revived by taking a few days off and allowing the fibres that have been broken down by the exercise to repair themselves and produce fresh, resilient skin cells in their place.



Louise Annette, aged 53 years

Ageless changes everything

The face is completely misunderstood by most people. It's a tight mass of muscle and skin, not a loose group of  separate muscles. The face ages because this entire mass of flesh shifts downward in one piece. Ageless if you Dare pulls it back up, and out, as a surgical facelift does.


Many, many issues that women have with their faces stem from this one, eastly reversed development. The older face hangs in a pattern that could hardly be more obvious.


Every issue from thin cheeks to loose jowls has the same cause, and Ageless if you Dare addresses it directly.


What, say, the jaw really needs is for sagging flesh to be lifted clear, revealing the clean line underneath, marionette and nose-mouth folds are erased when the flesh sits high on the bone. Tightening the muscles that hold the face up fills out your cheeks and reverses everything you love least about your older face.


The skin follows automatically and immediately.


Dealing with the skin (and not with the underlying framework) isn't helpfull because the sag isn't in the skin.


In essence, your bedsprings are getting worn out, and you're putting fabric conditioner on the mattress.

Ageless if you Dare doesn't cause permanent wrinkles or damage the skin. The reverse is true.


The eye area is smoothed out, flattened and firmed  All issues are rooted in the condition of one muscle. Again, the work is quick and simple.

Massage and Skin. There's a massive benefit to treating the skin like the living thing it is. It brings it to life.


The face is constantly fading and in decline because we don't stimulate it and leave it to deteriorate. 

Work on the skin itself, getting your hands to it, encouraging it to thicken and repair itself.

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