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Skin care for Warriors

Ageless is more focused on the muscle than the skin. It's the muscles that determine whether the face is sagging, deeply wrinkled or miserable-looking. But there are good reasons for training the skin. 

Instead of preserving the shadow of your 20-year-old face, Ageless engages vigorously with the skin, handling it, pulling it and breathing new life into it.

The facial skin is a functioning, self-regenerating organ like the lungs or the muscles. Treating it like a delicate piece of silk is perverse, but treating it properly requires tremendous courage in the first instance. Every woman for the last hundred years has been warned against stretching, dragging or otherwise challenging the skin. Nobody would dream of doing it, and nobody ever did, except Deb Crowley, who brought this secret to the world. But the skin thrives on it. It responds by becoming thicker, more elastic and stronger so as to adapt to the demands made on it. It will reward the attention in spades, and it feels so good to stretch, brush and handle the skin on the face.  

Looking well-preserved is a bit rubbish, really... it requires the face to stay inert, unchanging and inexpressive. The Ageless Method gives your skin what it has been crying out for and denied all your adult life.

Louise Annette, aged 53 years

Ageless changes everything

The face is completely misunderstood by most people. It's a tight mass of muscle and skin, not a loose group of  separate muscles. The face ages because this entire mass of flesh shifts downward in one piece. Ageless if you Dare pulls it back up, and out, as a surgical facelift does.


Many, many issues that women have with their faces stem from this one, eastly reversed development. The older face hangs in a pattern that could hardly be more obvious.


Every issue from thin cheeks to loose jowls has the same cause, and Ageless if you Dare addresses it directly.


What, say, the jaw really needs is for sagging flesh to be lifted clear, revealing the clean line underneath, marionette and nose-mouth folds are erased when the flesh sits high on the bone. Tightening the muscles that hold the face up fills out your cheeks and reverses everything you love least about your older face.


The skin follows automatically and immediately.


Dealing with the skin (and not with the underlying framework) isn't helpfull because the sag isn't in the skin.


In essence, your bedsprings are getting worn out, and you're putting fabric conditioner on the mattress.

Ageless if you Dare doesn't cause permanent wrinkles or damage the skin. The reverse is true.


The eye area is smoothed out, flattened and firmed  All issues are rooted in the condition of one muscle. Again, the work is quick and simple.

Massage and Skin. There's a massive benefit to treating the skin like the living thing it is. It brings it to life.


The face is constantly fading and in decline because we don't stimulate it and leave it to deteriorate. 

Work on the skin itself, getting your hands to it, encouraging it to thicken and repair itself.

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