Louise Annette aged 52

What have you been thinking?

There are a few other matters that interest Ageless about the older face, but they will only ever take 5 minutes a day

How to be Ageless

1. Lift the face by pulling up the supporting muscles. (5 minutes, twice per week)

Almost everything we don't love about ageing hinges on the condition of the cheek muscles. In terms of looking younger, this is the most important thing Ageless does.

2. Shape the face and jaw. (2 minutes, twice per week)

Train the muscles that give shape and definition to the cheekbone and jawline.

3. Spot training. (2 minutes, twice per week)

The eye area needs to be smoothed out, flattened and firmed independently of the rest of the face. The lips will also firm up, fill out and lift with spot-training.

4. Massage and Skin. (2-5 minutes, twice per week, or as and when)

Work on the skin itself, getting your hands to it, encouraging it to thicken and repair itself.


What don't we do?

We do very little for the forehead.

Louise Annette