Louise Annette, creator of Ageless, Christchurch College, Oxford, Aged 50.

Bagley Woods, Oxfordshire, 2013

Let's go somewhere new, let's be ageless

What have you been thinking?

Could you still be beautiful?

Instead of trying to preserve the face, Ageless makes it more and more alive. We can have a fit and shapely face that puts out its beauty without caring much for the eye of the beholder.

Why choose Ageless?

The best-kept secret in modern beauty, Ageless if you Dare is a brief, intense facial exercise and massage system designed to lift and light up the face. 20,000 copies have been sold  by word of mouth. Even though Ageless if you Dare defies accepted ideas about skincare and does things most people think are Bad the results show that it works.

The 5-minute workout breathes life into the structures that support the skin and give the face its natural lift. Conventional beauty advice has encouraged people to neglect their faces and allow them to atrophy and wither. Ageless will lift the face high and wide like a smile or a facelift. Its principles are as fundamental to looking good as exercise is to the body. 

'I can't fathom how these 'simple' easy to do exercises are making such a huge difference in my face' Jasmine Rosey, USA.

It's not about hanging on to a younger face, preserving faint echoes of what it once was, A face doesn't need to be stitched, stuffed or mummified into an imitation of a 20 year old face; its beauty is flesh and blood. One goes onward with it, looking more beautiful instead of less old. Your older face says something about who you are. Every woman has her own aura and her own magic, and everyone has the potential to bring theirs out into the light.

'Now, several months in, my cheeks look wonderful - high and tight cheekbones. Jowls are long gone!' Imogen, USA

'Today I went to a hen party and saw some women I haven't seen in a while, and I kept hearing "you look beautiful!" Did my heart good!' Anne-Marie, UK 


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